Learn How to Build a Perfect Life in 111 Days

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Date Sep 30, 2022
Time 08:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
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What will you learn from the webinar?

  • Creating balance and love within and around yourself.
  • Creating the Ideal Life in all Aspects - Personal, Professional, Financial, Spiritual, Emotional, and so on.
  • Connecting with the Divine Source via faith and patience, as well as learning to relinquish.
  • Developing positive habits such as self-love, inner healing, manifestation work, unconditional acceptance, love, empowered thinking and discipline, and much more.

Hosted By Kartika Nair

Personal Development Coach

Kartika Nair, the founder of Synchroshakti, will teach this session. Kartika is a life coach, conscious musician, and content developer that specialises in personal growth. She has spent over a decade researching and studying the human mind, mental health, inner healing, meditation, the law of attraction, and other topics.

She founded Synchroshakti with the simple purpose of assisting individuals in healing and becoming their best selves via Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifestation. She has trained hundreds of thousands of pupils to date, and everyone of them has been able to change their life because to her teachings.

Kartika's latest offering at Synchroshakti is 111 Days to a Perfect Life, which teaches inner healing, mindfulness, and manifestation. The course essentially assists you in changing your life and incorporating positive habits such as mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine.


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