Child Support: What Payroll Doesn’t Know Can Hurt You

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Date Nov 1, 2013
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $199.00
Course Description:
This webinar focuses on child support garnishments and includes best practices for processing child support in a payroll department. This webinar includes the rules and regulations governing child support as well as calculation examples.
Course Objective:
This webinar focuses on child support garnishments and includes best practices for processing child support in a payroll department. Employers play an essential role in ensuring that children are financially supported by noncustodial parents. To bring a national standard to child support withholding laws, the Federal government has enacted laws that require states to adopt certain rules when setting their own standards for implementing child support requirements. These requirements include deadlines for withholding and remitting payments, filing procedures, and penalties and fines for violations. But the states are free to set up their own rules and regulations as long as they fall within those guidelines and many do differ from the minimum federal requirements. Payroll departments must know both the federal laws and the state laws and must determine which one applies to the child support withholding order.

In addition to these laws and regulations, the federal rules now require that a standard Income Withholding Order (IWO) be used for all child support withholding garnishments. This webinar will review this form and its requirements. And although the IWO can include all the information necessary to comply with the order, employers must familiarize themselves with both federal and state regulations to avoid penalties and liabilities. In addition, state law may address some issues the federal law is silent on, such as allowing for the collection of administration fees and how to calculate child support withholding when the employee does not have enough money to cover all support orders in effect. But withholding monies for child support is not the only requirement that applies to providing for a child, medical support orders are required to be process by payroll as well. And these orders have their own rules and regulations on both the federal and state level. In addition, this webinar will give examples of calculating child support.

Course Outline:
How to define child support garnishments
The federal requirements a payroll department must know for child support
How state requirements affect child support
Specific requirements for child support, including deduction limits, deadlines, filing procedures, administrative fees, and penalties/fines for violations
How to handle terminated employees in regard to child support
Best practices for communicating with employees and issuing parties
Which garnishment to take when an employee has current support orders, medical support orders, and arrearages
Examples of how to calculate the withholding and prioritize the order of distribution when an employee has more than one type of garnishment
Best practices for processing child support garnishments in the payroll department
In-depth discussion of the latest (expires 5-31-2014) OCSE withholding notice

Target Audience:
Payroll Professionals
Human Resources and Accounting Personnel
Business Owners
Attorneys, or
Any individual or entity that must deal with the complexities and technicalities of the payroll process


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