Create Your Best Life, Planning Beyond Goals. 4 weeks course.

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Date Oct 9, 2014
Time 06:00 PM EDT
Cost $320.00
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Finding balance between life and business is a challenge. Many times we believe we are not in control when in reality we have much more control than we think. Mindfully planning your life will give you a new found confidence as well as a deeper level of happiness and satisfaction. When you have a plan, you will be better equipped to get back on track from set backs, and be able to say no to those things that are not in alignment with your desired lifestyle.

Here are a few benefits from taking this course:
  1. Learning how to be instead of do while planning your best life.
  2. You will have an increased sense of power over your life direction.
  3. Your friends and family will want to know "what's different" about you. You will be glowing.
  4. You will leave this class with a complete plan for 2015 before  the holiday season of 2014 even begins.
  5. You will have an opportunity to have an accountability partner(s) to help keep you on track with your plan moving into the new year.
As a Professionally Certified Executive Coach I use this same process for myself, business leaders and  entrepreneurs to help them succeed and live their best lives. I know this works and it will work for you too, but you must be present to win! It is time to bring an end to the resolutions, wishing and wondering why you are not moving toward a higher level of happiness in your life and/or business. Invest in yourself for a happier more fulfilling life, you deserve it!

 Course includes tools, templates, professional coaching and more!


Life Planning 101   |   Thu, Sep 18, 4 - 5 pm PST
  • Discussion: What Works and What Doesn't for Life Planning
  • What do I "own versus don't own."
  • The Secret is in the Silence
  • Time Management and Prioritizing
Establishing Your Routine   |   Thu, Sep 25, 4 - 5 pm PST
  • Categories For Change
  • Summary of Your Ideal Life
  • Your Life Plan Pages 1 and 2
Moving Forward with a Profound Sense of Purpose   |   Thu, Oct 2, 4 - 5 pm PST
  • The Final Piece of the Plan, Setting Goals
  • Accountability Partnerships
  • Your Life Plan Pages 3 and 4
Tools for Planning Your Best Life   |   Thu, Oct 9, 4 - 5 pm PST
  • Eat the Elephant One Bite at a Time
  • Your Life Plan Overview
  • Next Steps For Your Ultimate Success


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