Play to Win! Taking Chances to Change Your Life

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Date Feb 19, 2015
Time 07:30 PM EDT
Cost Free
Are you willing to take a risk?

The life you desire is right in front of you. But you gotta be willing to play to win.

You see, because risk is a normal part of life that we’ve had to deal with since the beginning of time, other successful risk takers have developed powerful, proven, life-changing strategies for eliminating our fear of taking chances. And I can teach them to you.

If you’re ready for more life in your life, I’d like to offer you a spot in my BRAND NEW tele seminar:

Play to Win! Taking Chances To Change Your Life

During this power-packed, INTERACTIVE 60-minute training, you’ll discover…

The most crippling habits you have…and how to ELIMINATE them…

How you can STOP SABOTAGING YOURSELF RIGHT NOW and start reaping greater rewards…

The T0P 5 PITFALLS people face when confronted by the unknown…and how YOU can avoid them…

A new perspective on risk that will have you embracing it with optimism and hope, instead of fear and dread…

The #1 THING that separates those who accomplish their dreams from those who live with regret…

How to INSTANTLY shift your perspective, TIME AFTER TIME, to take more empowering chances…

And much, much more…

You can make a huge difference in the world…you just need to loosen the grip that fear has on your heart, and take a risk. And I’ll give you the tools (and the courage) to do it.

Take a step toward the life you desire by clicking the link below.

The agenda for this web conference:
  • Introductory Activity - 'Risky Business'
  • Courage - My Attitude Towards Taking Risks
  • Risk - What Helps, What Hampers Me from Taking Chances?
  • Rewards - What I Gain from Taking Chances?
  • Application - Action Learning

Featured presenter:

LaKia Allen
I am a certified and professionally trained life and health coach for women who have lost sight of what they want and who they are. Through a coaching philosophy centered on aligning the mind, body and spirit, I help my clients to develop healthier lifestyles, rediscover what they want and begin leading purposeful lives that better match their true desires.

Before becoming a coach, I had what appeared to be the perfect life. I had the wonderful husband, the beautiful house, the dream job title and the most incredible baby girl. I had everything I'd ever dreamed of and then some, but even with all that abundance, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. I tried to ignore it, but instead of going away the feeling only grew. As I became more successful at work, earned prestigious promotions and got my master's degree, I became more and more burnt out. What was all this hard work and success for, if it wasn't making me happy?

I soon came to realize that by accomplishing more I wasn't any closer to what is truly important to me. I started to ask myself tough questions like: Who am I really? What am I on this earth to accomplish? What is my purpose?

Through this self-reflection, I realized that what was missing from my life was ME. Somewhere in between getting married, kicking butt at work and having my daughter, I lost myself. I didn't know who I was anymore or what I wanted, and it became clear that I needed to get to know me again. Through intense soul-searching, studying and self-discovery, I finally started to feel reconnected with my inner spirit.

I began exploring my talents, and discovered my passion for nutrition and fitness. Slowly but surely I began to feel purposeful again. It was through this transformation that I felt called to help other women in my position to do and be better, and realize their innate greatness. I became a certified professional life coach from the world-class Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and a certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant.

Shortly thereafter I founded Connect 3 Coaching a coaching practice dedicated to helping women reconnect with what resonates within them. It is my belief that when the three powerful entities function as one, they create total balance, fulfillment and understanding of who you are as a woman and what your life purpose is.

I received my Bachelor's of Science in Accounting from Hampton University and later received a Masters of Business Administration in Global Management. I worked as an accountant in the corporate sector for over twelve years before becoming a lifestyle management coach.

I currently reside in South Jersey with my husband and daughter. I'm passionate about my volunteer work, which includes mentoring women in their career development and offering pro-bono coaching. In my spare time I enjoy yoga, bootcamp workouts, participating in marathons, reading, traveling and learning about all things nutrition and wellness.



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