From Stuck to Thriving: Conquering Roadblocks in your Job Search

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Date Feb 3, 2015
Time 03:30 PM EDT
Cost Free

“Perceived failure can become a catalyst for profound reinvention.” Conan O’Brien

We all have roadblocks that impact our search for ideal work. Examples of blocks include “I just need a job”, “I should be happy in my job”, and “I should have known better”. We also carry subtle roadblocks in our job search like a fear of rejection.

The roadblock is your inflection point. Roadblocks never REALLY go away. When we uncover our blocks, we are able to name them and recognize where they show up in our work and life. We can understand a failure, mistake or fear --- through a lens of learning rather than as a barrier. This helps us move forward despite our roadblocks.

Sam Shelley, Author of Don't Dwell, will be joining our webinar to share techniques to help us move forward through these mental roadblocks in our job search.

This webinar is specifically targeted toward mid-career professionals, MBA/Masters students, and dual working moms & dads…AND all professionals who are in or at the beginning of a work transition.

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The agenda for this web conference:
  • 1) Uncovering your roadblocks in your job search - what might be holding you back?
  • 2) Using mastery mindset, mindfulness and energy techniques to conquer roadblocks in your job search
  • 3) Q&A

Kara Smith is a workforce consultant and founder of the Ideal Work Lab project. She's a working mother and Deloitte alumni who believes we do our BEST work when we align work with our life.


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