"DSM with Business"

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Oct 28, 2015
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $42
“If you are going with your knowing, with your nature, with what is expanding you when you do something, no matter how long it takes, you will get to your target.”
© 2011 Graziano Dominici

Join Graziano Dominici in a 45-minute webinar about being in business. Whether you are a seasoned businessman or businesswoman, or you are just starting up, you have always had that sparkle inside of you that has been leading you and lighting your way. Let’s reignite that sparkle and make it shine brighter than ever before. You will find that the simple methodology that involves using practical DSM (Dance Space Molecules) exercises, tools and techniques and being in Your Dominant Space, will reunite You with your skills, capacities, talents and abilities. The only thing that is going to nurture you is coming from You.
Your business is a sparkle – let it shine!

Some of the testimonials from the recent webinar “DSM and Money”:

“Thank you very much for the great money webinar and brilliant examples and exercises!
I would call one of the exercises – “How to get money doing what I like”. I did the exercise few hours after the webinar and realized that I can transform my two hobbies in sources of income. Although I was not interested in getting money by selling “art”, that I’m making from time to time, this can be a way to get money for the “expensive” class I would like to attend, but I thought I could not afford it at this moment because I have other expenses. And this morning, I found a way how to sell some of them! And.. in this way I’ll make space at home for my “new products”. For the second hobby, I’ve got an idea how to make business of it!”
H.A., Germany

“Wow! Great webinar and thanks! Finally all makes sense. This is a great way to neutralize all kind of subtle manipulation against us. I really appreciate the hints you gave to embrace even that energies and make it work for all…”
C.R., Italy

“Ciao! I have a question – Will you please stop surprising me with your generosity? :
I mean – 45min webinar turned out to be one hour and half long + 6 practical lists for boosting our creativity for earning money (and more) + Dominant Space money exercise + Bonus Success exercise! Thank you!!!
Btw these things work, when I allow my butt to get up and make a move. ”
A.F., Croatia


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