"DSM with Body"

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Nov 9, 2015
Time 11:00 AM EDT
Cost $42
“Your body is designed to have pleasure and ease.”
© 2011 Graziano Dominici

Graziano Dominici is a qualified nutritionist and holds medical degrees in nutrition and physical therapy. His approach is to work with You and your body, which achieves results that some might consider to be a miracle. He has worked with people from all around the world, with a variety of conditions including thyroid problems, severe migraines, high body fat, chronic acne and dermatitis. The results are incredible, what science today might call “impossible”.

In this 45-minute webinar, you will get to recognise your body as a space – as an interface of your reality – and by transforming your body you will transform your reality. The how and why of transformation might be in front of you – just reach for it – grab it – and use it to build a life that will love and nurture you and your body. Combining knowledge and his knowing – the how and why with the awareness – Graziano will give an abundance of information, tools, exercises and practical advice that you can use to shape, tone, transform and have fun with your body!

What people are saying about Graziano’s approach:

“I have been eating this way and drinking water a lot for 2 months. I have lost 15 kg of fat, with only a light exercise when I would feel like it. I’ve gone to a regular check up at the doctors, and the ovarian cysts that have been there are gone, my blood work is impeccable. Also, the acne on my face has gone. And this is just the beginning.”

“It was really hard for me to trust another doctor to help me. Graziano was different. Even though I hated my body, I didnt find an ounce of judgment in his eyes. We started off gently and in no time I am confident and enjoying my body like never before. His gentle approach is what gave me a chance to start again and transform not only my body but my life. Thank you!”

“It’s like receiving the full treatment. We usually separate our bodies from our reality and life. Working with Graziano brought me closer to my nature – my life is simpler, it’s easier. From eating to moving, working, and the best part is that I have much more energy and much more creativity. It’s like when you discover a new taste that you really enjoy – multiplied by a million – every day.”
A, Germany


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