Target Writing Webinar - A Free Tour

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Sep 15, 2017
Time 02:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
In this free online tour you will learn how our Target Writing Webinar will show you how to:

* Write highly readable letters, memos, e-mails, and reports
* Overcome writer’s block using flexible techniques for different writing projects
* Research information quickly and accurately to find the key information you need
* Create effective writing plans to keep you focused and on schedule
* Write e-mails that immediately get the attention of your readers
* Use the proper writing tone to ensure your readers interpret your message correctly
* Develop correspondence to motivate your readers to act on your message quickly
* Learn the grammar and punctuation rules that are relevant to business
* Use proper punctuation to guide your reader's pace and to emphasize key points
* Recognize and correct grammar errors that can hurt your credibility as a writer

Cost for full webinar: $40 per person

All of our webinars are self-paced and include:

* On-Demand Scheduling (you start when you want)
* Three months of online access to the webinar using any Internet-capable device
* Three months of online access to your own Target Learning instructor
* An interactive slide presentation with a voice & text narration by your instructor
* A full color workbook containing all the topic strategies with implementation steps
* Worksheets to help you apply the strategies using your own personal thinking style


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