Wheel of Life Exercise: New Dimension

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Nov 15, 2017
Time 03:00 PM EDT
Cost $20.00
We all may have moments when we feel overwhelmed, lost or stuck even if our life looks quite successful. Sometimes we want to change some circumstances and improve some areas of our life, but whatever we do we may not reach the needed results. Why it happens so? And what are the reasons that hinter us to move ahead? I invite you to my workshop which will help you to find the key to your life success and to create your own strategy of reaching it.
A new edition of a well-known coaching exercise has two levels of performing. The first level gives you quick glance at all the aspects of your life and will show how you think of them and how you esteemate them in your everyday life. The second level is designed to dig dipper to each area of your life, to see its structure and evalute the state of each component of that structure. You will learn the hidden correlation between every aspect and how they influence to each other. You will see your own distortions of perception if you have them, you will make more precise evaluation and analysise of your situation , obstacles, unhelpful behaviour and plan the first steps to make the Wheel of your life to spin toward success and prosperity.
Don't miss a chance to shift your life up to the next level. There are only 10 tickets!


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