Message of Pain. How to Regain Your Health

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Dec 20, 2017
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Nature is our friend and host on this planet. Nature will find a way to protect what is natural and normal, and the only way it can do that, is to give a message through pain.

In this webinar we will explore how, at a subtle level, a life of attachments, desires and ego is not natural it will invite pain. 
We can learn how to decode and act upon the message of emotional pain.
By doing this we start again to live in a consciousness that is free from identity, free from sorrow and free from suffering!

Who will benefit

About the speaker.
Dr Prashant Kakoday has practiced Raja Yoga meditation with the Brahma Kumaris since 1982, and currently co-ordinates the Brahma Kumaris activities in Cambridge. He teaches holistic principles of life, health and consciousness.As a well known figure on the world speaker circuit, his lectures cover topics including Spiritual Intelligence, Science of Happiness, Soul Consciousness, Angelic Stage, Spiritual Health, Laws of Karma.


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