Now is The Time For BAU (Business As UnUsual)

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Date Dec 31, 2017
Time 05:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
DATE: 3rd JAN 2018
TIME: 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm

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Here's Your Invitation to be a part of global change focus group and change making process.

As we have seen a tremendous change and paradigm shift in the technology and businesses over last decade and especially in the year 2017. This webinar walks you through the potential of changes happening across the globe and the opportunities that are just your attention away. 

Gearing You Up For the Year 2018

In this Webinar With Mr.Dave Rogers


1. What if you could 10x your business in next 3 Years? and What are your next 3 steps?
2. 3 Mega Trends in Global Business & What are you doing about it?
3. Explore Top 3 Highlights from - "The Disruptions & Dinosaurs" An International Forum held in Singapore in 2017.

About Speaker: Dave Rogers

Managing a billion-dollar bond portfolio to mentoring groundbreaking international schools teaching entrepreneurship, and receiving the Spirit of Enterprise Award in Singapore, Dave has worked through industries & businesses to mentor leaders across globe & focuses on helping social entrepreneurs succeed. 

Recently Dave spoke at a United Nations event in India on Unity in Diversity.


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