Help your child be happier, more confident and resilient to bullying

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Date May 19, 2018
Time 07:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Free fun online training webinar for parents and 6-11 year olds
5pm Saturday 19th May from Simon Benn, The Children’s Happiness Coach
Live streamed from The Coach House, Church Street, Hunsingore, England LS22 5JD
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Perhaps you're tearing your hair out because your child is being bullied, concerned about their lack of confidence or worried how they get upset when things don’t go their way. If your child is unhappy, you're unhappy.
What if you could find a simple way to help your child to manage their emotions more easily so they can cope better with life's ups and downs? Imagine if you could bully-proof your child so getting called nasty names simply didn’t hurt them. How would you feel if you could just make sure your child was happy?
Isn't that all you've ever wanted? From the very first moment you clapped eyes on your child and were swept away on an unbelievable tidal wave of emotion. You just want to keep them safe and happy.
You've come to the right place - I'm a DBS/CRB approved children's happiness coach who's run activity sessions with 1,200 6 to 12 year olds and parents over the last 4 years. Here's what children tell me afterwards:
·         They're happy and confident an extra 2 hours a day.
·         95% can change their feeling more easily so they can feel good whatever happens.
·         90% are more resilient to bullying so other children can't upset them.
So what do we actually do during these sessions? We simply play games and do activities that help children understand and manage their emotions so they can change their mood, feel good and ignore bullies who pick on them. We do all this in a fun way because children learn much, much more when they’re having fun! This is fun, not therapy!
Here are some comments after one of my fun sessions:
'My son sums up the inspiration and positivity we both felt perfectly. "I loved today mum, Simon is such fun. I can't believe how easy it is to think happy thoughts, but I'd like to learn more. Can we see him again?" We will. We can't recommend Simon enough.' Jo Maltby.
Children’s comments after fun sessions:
“I can live my life happy.” Adam, 10
“I can ignore people who say or do bad things to me.” Rhianna, 9
“I can always be happy and believe myself and no one can get me down.” Travis, 10
"I can learn to love myself no matter what while achieving the feeling of being a truly happy person". Zara, 10
"I can do things I couldn’t do before because I can be a lot more confident in what I do and I can ignore bad things that people say to me." Chloe, 10
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