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Date Sep 2, 2018
Time 11:00 AM EDT
Cost $375
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As you start the course, you will learn about skills that can be applied in effective parenting, passionate relationship, about leadership qualities, healthy martial relations, builds effective relationship with self and many more.

With this event, you learn to:
  • Recover the unconscious or implied pieces of skill
  • Uncover boundaries, thresholds, and standards needed to achieve excellence
  • Easily recognize the patterns & programs in people’s mind
Topics to be covered in the event:

Module 1: i. Introduction of NLP and know about NLP core skills like Rapport, calibration
ii. Create neuro circuitry to design your better version

Module 2: NLP techniques and tools about effective communication, connecting to Motivation and confidence at will, Learn strategies for Love, Spellings forceful communication, negotiations.

Module 3: NLP techniques for resolving issues of life, Help you to create a harmonious relationship, to overcome Phobias and many others applications of NLP technique in real life like handling anxiety,

About Sajid Ahamed

Sajid Ahamed is "Certified trainer of NLP” by John Grinder, Carmen and Michael (ITA) and Founder of Inner Peace Life Coaching Pvt Ltd, India. He is also been trained by Richard Bandler and other Pioneers in the field of Change Management.

Date: 24th August to 2nd September
Timing: 9am to 6pm
Venue: Hampshire Plaza Hotel
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