Psychological Hardiness and Mental Health

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Nov 5, 2013
Time 02:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Hardiness is the pattern of attitudes and strategies that helps in turning life’s ongoing stresses from potential disasters into growth opportunities. The hardy attitudes involve commitment (importance of staying involved), control (importance of trying to have an influence), and challenge (recognition that life is normally stressful). These attitudes give the courage to do the hard work of turning stresses to advantage by the hardy strategies of problem-solving (rather than avoidance) coping, socially-supportive (rather than conflictful) interactions, and beneficial (rather than over-indulgent) self-care. Covered is 35 years of theorizing, research, consulting, and counseling, showing that hardiness is a major factor in enhancing performance, positive emotions, development, and fulfillment. Also emphasized will be the specifics of hardiness assessment and training. Participants in the Hardiness Webinar will learn how to use these assessment and training procedures to help their individual and organizational clients become more resilient in our rapidly changing times.

3 CE Learning Objectives:
1. Explain what hardiness is, and how it improves your client’s performance and fulfillment.
2. Describe how hardiness levels are assessed.
3. Summarize how hardiness is trained.


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