Create a Phenomenal 2019

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Dec 26, 2018
Time 06:30 PM EDT
Cost Free
"If you don't have clarity of ideas, you're just communicating sheer sound." Yo-Yo Ma. 

Let's end the year with clarity to start the year with clarity! 

Motivation has to come from a place of positivity to truly be effective. From gaining insight, you create energy and therefore, the motivation to act. 

In this webinar, Dominique will take you through a process of thinking about the past and celebrating your achievements, the present and considering where you are and the future to create a vision. She will ask you deep questions to help you reflect and consider your priorities for the new year and create insight.

Your takeaways:
- Celebration of what you have accomplished
- A clear vision for the future 
- An understanding of your priorities 
- Realization of what's holding you back

There will be no resolutions made and no goal setting but there will be plenty of deep reflection, challenging questions, and opportunities for participants to share their obstacles with others and you will 

Participants will receive a link to the call by 12/26 at 1pm. 

You will need to have a pen and notebook ready so you can make sure to write your own answers! 

If you're ready to think and reflect, sign up!  

PS - remember that the call will be recorded and shared. 

Each participant will have a chance to apply for a gift session with Dominique to create their individual goals. 

Registration open until 12/26, 12pm.

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