Build Your Internal Coaching Supervisor

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Date Feb 5, 2018
Time 09:30 PM EDT
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Date : 30 Jan'19

This Webinar is for practicing coaches who wish to further their development by being students of their own work.
There is an increasing awareness amongst coaches of the value & importance of continuing professional development and the role of supervision in it.
  • What are the practices followed by coaches, to bounce off ideas/issues/challenges they have in their coaching work?
  • What do they do when they feel lost or stuck or even confused about the next steps for their coaching work with clients?
  • You may wonder if even coaches ever experience a sense of overwhelm with their coaching practice. Let me be honest, coaches do feel the overwhelm, the uncertainty, may even be an ethical dilemma that makes them look for “who should they talk to” moment.
  • As a professional support to coaches, a Coach Supervisor is the resource to go to in order to work through such challenges.
  • A Coach Supervisor is a trained professional who has undergone formal learning, mentoring and experience in order to be ready to serve coaches. The title Supervisor can mis-lead as someone of a reporting/senior authority but it is actually someone who expands the vision of a coach. It’s actually using a Super vision or Expanding the Vision about their coaching practice. It’s about stepping forth to see more, from different angles and perspectives, zoom out to see a broader picture and also zoom in to see the parts/corners of their coaching work where they may have paid attention to.
  • Supervision provides a safe and professional forum for coaches to learn from their work and about themselves.
  • If you are a coach and want to reach out for Supervision, pls contact me at


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