Introduction to PMP Webinar (FREE), April 9 at 5pm

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Date Apr 9, 2014
Time 04:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
If you are just beginning your PMP (Project Management Professional) training or wondering where to start, this webinar will enhance your understanding of the PMP application process and requirements while reinforcing key PMP exam and project management concepts.  This hour will be carefully planned to ensure it is valuable to all.  The following objectives will be covered:

  • Advantages of PMP.  What are the advantages of being a Project Management Professional (PMP)?  New career opportunities, advancement opportunities, likelihood of greater pay, and the advantage of being a recognized practitioner of a highly effective project management methodology.
  • PMP Requirements.  What experience and training is needed to qualify for the PMP?  Discussion of the 3 years (5 years without a bachelors) of experience and 35 hours of training.
  • PMP Application.  What should I be aware of when completing my application?  Beware of overlapping projects (don’t let reported hours exceed actual hours worked), ensure that you’ve chosen a verifier was/is familiar with your work, provide as much detail as possible, and be sure to do your application online.
  • Joining PMI.  Should I join PMI?  Yes, you’ll gain membership and save $11 ($118 savings if you’re a student) on your exam.  Renew PMI membership in subsequent years especially if you use their PM resources and believe it will help your career.
  • PMP Exam.  What is the PMP exam like?  Tips for scheduling, preparing for, and managing the four (4)-hour PMP exam.
  • PMP Exam Preparation.  How should I prepare for the exam?  Discussion of recommended reading materials, exam prep software, and how a “boot camp” can be used to consolidate your knowledge just in time for the exam.
  • PMP Basics.  What do I need to know for the exam?  Definition of a project, the five (5) process groups, ten (10) knowledge areas, forty-seven (47) processes, PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and how to apply all of this in practical scenarios to address challenges.
  • Project Definition.  What is a project? Temporary, unique group activity that produces a unique product, service, or result.
  • Five (5) Process Groups.  How can the five (5) process groups aid my understanding of a project timeline?  Different lifecycle models may employ these groups differently; however, in its simplest form, you Initiate (start) a project before you Plan the solution, you Plan before you Execute (create) your solution, you Execute before you Close (finish) your project, and you Monitor and Control across the life of the project from start to finish.
  • Ten (10) Knowledge Areas.  How do I use the ten (10) knowledge areas to enhance my abilities as a project manager?  Each of the ten (10) knowledge areas represent a different lens through which you must view your project; each must be effectively managed to maintain positive control of your project while ensuring quality.
  • Forty-seven (47) Processes.  How do I weave the forty-seven (47) processes together so that it enhances my abilities rather than confusing me?  Project managers should have a command of at least one lifecycle model (e.g., waterfall, iterative, incremental, agile, etc.) around which to organize their project management plan.
  • You’re Ready When.   How do I know when I’m ready to take the PMP exam?  You know which process group and knowledge area all of the forty-seven (47) processes belongs to, you understand the role of a project manager including which tools and techniques are used in each process to transform inputs into outputs, you understand the logical sequence of the forty-seven (47) processes, you know and subscribe to the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and you know how to successfully leverage all of the above to make tough decisions based on real-world scenarios.
  • Lingering questions.  Questions are most welcome during the flow of the webinar (i.e., feel free to ask questions when you think of them).  At the conclusion, we’ll go over any lingering questions or topics from the webinar.  You’re welcome to ask any question to enhance your understanding of the PMP exam and the content contained therein.
  • FREE Webinar.  Space is limited to twenty-five (25) participants.  Reserve now to ensure you are able to attend.
Trainer's Qualifications
With over 7 years of IT and project experience (mostly within the federal government), the trainer also possesses the following credentials:
  • PMP certificate from PMI;
  • CISSP certificate from (ISC)2;
  • Security+, Network+, and A+ certificates from CompTIA;
  • ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) v2 Foundations Certificate;
  • Professional Certificate in Business Analysis from George Washington Univ./ESI International; and
  • Masters degree in Instructional Design & Development and graduate certificate in eLearning.


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