How to use Hibernate Frameworks in Java

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Dec 21, 2019
Time 06:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
We will be hosting a webinar on How to use Hibernate Frameworks in Java. The webinar will be conducted by Ramanuj Das, who is a Java trainer. He has trained over 200 students across Karnataka and has over 5 years of teaching experience. He has helped hundreds of students and working professionals overcome their fear of programming and application development. 
Register now for the upcoming AMA webinar on  How to use Hibernate Frameworks in Java for FREE,  happening on Saturday, 21st December,  from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Agenda for the webinar:
  1. Introduction and setting up Hibernate
  2. Writing Hibernate Configurations
  3. Saving objects using Hibernate APIs
  4. hbm2ddl-Configuration-and-Name-Annotations
  5. Retrieving-Objects-using-session-get
  6. One to one and one to many mapping
  7. mappedBy and Many To Many Mapping
  8. CRUD Operations
  9. Transient, Persistent and Detached Objects
  10.  Introducing HQL and the Query Object
  11.  Caching in Hibernate


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