Monitoring Cisco Devices with WhatsUp Gold

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Date Feb 20, 2020
Time 11:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
With corporate networks getting increasingly sophisticated over the years, maintaining these complicated IT environments optimally has become a major challenge.

Enterprises can maximize the performance of their IT infrastructure by using WhatsUp Gold with Cisco devices. WhatsUp Gold provides a simple, easy-to-use monitoring solution that increases overall IT availability and, at the same time, discovers all Cisco devices by a standard discovery function and transmits the device information automatically.

Learn more about this collaboration at our upcoming webinar. Our senior sales engineer Mark Singh will discuss how WhatsUp Gold:

How WhatsUp Gold can support Cisco devices out of the box
How to monitor Cisco wireless devices
How WhatsUp Gold can support VoIP on Cisco
How to use configuration management to backup Cisco configurations
How to Get More Visibility into Your Network Behavior with Cisco Netflow

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