Webinar - Shift left testing and need for automation

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date May 28, 2020
Time 05:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
In the world of mobile, enterprises face immense pressure to move faster and more flexibly in application development and testing – without sacrificing anything in innovation, product quality or service levels. In this session, we will share some insights into the importance of automation in reducing the release cycle and also how shift left testing is helping enterprises to improve the quality of apps.

Common Quality Compromises
  •  Impact of defects
  •  What exactly is Shift Left?
  •  Shift left goals and drivers
  •  How to overcome the top challenges to adopting shift left
  •  How Shift Left affects application development and testing organizational structures
  •  New technologies and skills required for developers and testers - including demos (Use cases)


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