Revolution 4.0- Redefining Steel Industry with AI Video Analytics

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Date Aug 29, 2020
Time 01:30 AM EDT
Cost Free

An intense digital transformation is already underway and the manufacturers like you are striving to improve the production processes. But then you can’t take the wait-and-see approach to realize the need to adopt the fourth industrial revolution. It’s time that you take charge and succeed. The video surveillance systems installed on your shop-floors generate an immense amount of data that goes unutilized. In this webinar, we will show you how video analytics can add intelligence to the data and how the data is mined to give valuable insights.

How do we add value to the unused video data with AI-powered Video Analytics?

Join us for the discussion of ‘Revolution 4.0- Redefining Steel Industry with AI Video Analytics’ on Saturday, Aug 29 at 12 pm.

Some of the topic we would cover include-

1. Understanding of Video Analytics
2. Automation in the steel industry
3. How the collected video data can be utilized using AI
4. Understanding how real-time monitoring can benefit in troubleshooting production bottlenecks and scrap rates
5. Video analytics use cases in the steel industry.

About the Speaker-

Abhinav Kumar Gupta is an alumnus of IIT Delhi with over 10 years of experience in consulting and process reengineering. He has been working on AI solutions for various industries such as Insurance, Finance and Retail. Sparrosense is his latest offering for better monitoring of manufacturing shop floors for Steel, Casting shops, Auto-ancillaries and other industries.


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