[AI/ML UK Webinar Series P1] – How Advanced Text Analytics Can Increase Operational Efficiency & CX?

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Date Aug 21, 2020
Time 11:30 AM BST | 12:30 PM CEST
Cost Free
Digitization is considered as the next step-change that will have a bigger impact on businesses than even the internet. To win in the digital journey, companies must act now, or be left behind wondering what happened!

In this webinar series, JKT Smart Analytics demonstrates how they empower their customers to create maximum business value out of this eminent Digital data explosion through digital business empowerment by leveraging the digitization to increase their top-line revenue – customer experience, optimize the bottom-line costs – operational efficiency, enhancing the safety factor and reinventing the business process in line with the changing world.

This webinar will focus on how our AI-based text analytics solutions – First, JKT Social Media Radar; a SaaS-based AI NLP Platform, helping organizations to gain insights on market and customer perceptions on their brands, products & services. Secondly, Sales Promotion Recommendation Engine helps customers to enhance their top-line growth and streamline the bottom-line costs.

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  • How should a business plan their journey through the Digital data revolution?
  • How can a company make use of digital data to create effective data strategies for an increased outcome(s)?
  • How IT practitioners can catalyst the digital data mining journey and attract business adoption?
  • JKT Social Media Radar solution – What, Why, Supporting Business applications, and more.
  • How can companies reduce operational costs by automating human effort-intensive tasks using cognitive Analytics?
Join JK Technosoft thought leaders Mr. Anish Narayan and Mr. Sathyan Pari for an interactive webinar series on JKT in the Age of AI, starting with “How Advanced Text Analytics Can Increase Operational Efficiency & CX?” episode.


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