Webinar on Fashion & Apparel Retail - Korcomptenz

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Date Oct 14, 2020
Time 10:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Run your Fashion & Apparel Business with an Integrated Solution from Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Porini 
Learn how solutions offered by  Korcomptenz, Microsoft, and Porini help solve the challenges faced by the Fashion & Apparel Retail Industry

Are you looking for a Technology Platform for your Fashion and Apparel business?
Porini 365 ERP’s Fashion & Apparel Industry capabilities include comprehensive control of costs and profitability, financial management, control of the characteristics of the product, inventory management, process & quality checks, promotions management, showroom management, supply chain management, client profiling, and more, making us the perfect partner to help you take control of your entire operation from start to finish.
Manage your Entire Fashion & Apparel Operations from Conception to Delivery with Porini 365

The Fashion & Apparel retail industry is a very fast-paced and time-sensitive industry, making it important that the processes are moved along the product lifecycle in a timely manner. Therefore, having technology solutions that are tailored towards ensuring the on-time delivery of the product from the manufacturer to the consumers is imperative. Gain information on the benefits of Implementing Porini ERP and learn how it can help you achieve overall efficiency through more accurate forecasting, sourcing, procurement, and deliveries control; leading to cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.
This webinar addresses the major pain points of the Fashion & Apparel Retail Industry and how Porini with Korcomptenz can help address these challenges with their technology solutions.


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