FREE Webinar: Building Event-Driven Integration Architectures with Azure Event Grid

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Oct 21, 2021
Time 11:00 PM EDT
Cost Free

Speaker: Daniel Toomey, Microsoft Azure MVP

In Azure, there are several services available for messaging which includes Event Hubs, Event Grid and Service Bus where each service have their characteristics, capabilities and are designed for specific use cases. 

So in this webinar, Daniel Toomey focuses on the concepts of Event Grid & he discusses some of the best practices and use cases.

Event Grid can unlock several use cases and it can be efficiently used in the following areas

•  Event-driven system integration
•  Process optimization
•  Detecting changes in your Azure Subscriptions or resource groups

Join us for the webinar and learn from the expert on how to leverage cloud-based eventing platforms such as Azure Event Grid to push notifications to multiple targets, use intelligent routing, provide unlimited scalability, and more.

P.S. If you think you cannot attend the webinar at the specified time, no worries! Go ahead and register, our team will make sure to send you the webinar recording.


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