Learn How Bluecore Maintains Data Security on Slack with Nightfall

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Dec 8, 2021
Time 02:00 PM EDT
Cost Free

SaaS apps such as Slack present a challenge for security teams who are responsible for enforcing data security policies for their organization. While these apps help companies remain agile, without the proper tools in place, it can be hard for security professionals to have the visibility needed to determine if and when security best practices are being violated.

Join us on Wednesday, Dec 8, for a live discussion and Q&A with Brent Lassi, the CISO of disruptive martech Bluecore. Together, we'll discuss:

  • The reasons that make it difficult to secure environments like Slack without dedicated tools and processes.
  • The risk that unsecured SaaS applications can pose to your security and compliance objectives.
  • How Nightfall aids teams like Brent's in gaining the visibility necessary to secure popular SaaS platforms, without hampering productivity.


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