Join us for a serverless masterclass webinar on why to break the monolith

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date May 25, 2022
Time 10:30 AM EDT
Cost Free

In a monolithic architecture, the application functionalities of a project exist in a single codebase, making them difficult to manage. Join this webinar to learn how microservices exist independently while working together to achieve functionality.

In the webinar, we'll discuss the difference between monoliths and microservices, and why breaking the monolith is a good idea. 

Join us on May 25th to learn how you can break the monolith using #serverless. Discover the differences between monolithic and microservice models, and learn how Catalyst's pre-built #microservices can be used to efficiently build apps.

​Speaker: Srividhya S Subramanian, Developer Advocate at Catalyst by Zoho


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