The 3 Holy Grails for Software Engineers

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Dec 6, 2022
Time 08:00 PM EDT
Cost Free

Hello, SoftwareEngineers out there!
Bringing to you a webinar from the Head of Delivery of Divami!

In this webinar, Gopal Gottumukkala talks about the three most underrated, yet powerful aspects of Software Engineering.

  1. Importance of building Full-stack capabilities in the team
  2. Maintainability of application 
  3. Documentation

Gopal will take you through the importance of these topics and illustrate how embracing and implementing these aspects can bring incredible value and positive results to the developer teams in the long run!

After the presentation, we’ll open up the floor with an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session! You can post your questions and doubts on these topics or anything related to #softwaredevelopment!


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