Webinar - Recipe for a Successful SaaS Company

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Sep 10, 2014
Time 02:30 PM EDT
Cost Free
SaaS has almost become the defacto standard of delivering products. ISVs selling on-premise products have started realizing that SaaS is the key to stay in the competition. But, whether you migrate your product to SaaS or build a new one, it’s important for an ISV to understand the best practices that can help them avoid the mistakes/learnings that have already been made. Following are the details of the first part of this 5 part webinar series
Key Takeaways:
• Overview on SaaS Building Blocks
• Non-Functional Requirements of SaaS
• Operational features that can save time and cost for ISVs
• Insight on Cloud AWS Cloud Services and how it can help in expediting SaaS product development
• Considerations for choosing the right cloud environment

Upcoming Webinar Series Topics
• Security & Scalability Considerations for SaaS products
• Building  intelligence to your SaaS Business
• Effectively manage SaaS deployment and upgrades
• Increase sales customer adoption in SaaS 


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