A Complete Enterprise IdP: How to Federate Access & Identity Together Webinar

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Oct 16, 2014
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
With a growing user base of employees, customers, and partners, and multiple diverse internal identity sources and their specific authentication protocols, you face the challenge of executing the identity integration half of an Identity Provider. You need a process that brokers authentication and provides attributes for customized, detail-rich security tokens. Fortunately, the same architectural design you use for access, the federation pattern, can apply to identity as well. By federating your identity information, you create an efficient foundation for optimally functioning federated access.

This upcoming webinar will focus on:

How to streamline authentication, deliver SSO and enrich authorization by combining federated access and federated identity;

How to simplify the creation of a common Identity Provider for fine-grained access with the support of complete global profiles and context-rich data;

How federation enables more contextual attribute-based policies through the support of keyword search across enterprise identity and data.


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