Constructing a Framework for Enterprise Integration

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Date Dec 11, 2014
Time 01:00 PM EDT
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The purpose of the framework is to create a top-level architectural schema for the enterprise with the capability of enabling and assuring integration and optimization across all enterprise systems, governed by lower-level architectural frameworks (TOGAF, DODAF, MODAF, etc.) and across all architectural disciplines currently employed in EA initiatives, including but not limited to business architects, information architects, data architects, IT architects, application architects, solution architects, process architects, and program/project architects.

The framework does not replace or provide an alternative to the current EA frameworks but rather is used to supplement these frameworks with a higher-level structure which integrates these frameworks across their various levels of commonality, dependence and overlapping functionality. The topic covers how to construct a framework depicting the types of resources all enterprises value and the relationships between these valued resources. The discussion includes how the framework is used to help understand and communicate the workings of an enterprise, to support the generation of EA artifacts, and to integrate the design, development, operation and modeling of people, technologies, processes, strategies and goals. 

The topic begins by reviewing the concept of describing an enterprise in a system schema based on the use of the integrated modeling methodology and the integrated enterprise perspective previously presented in the “Introduction To Integrated Modeling” webinar. An integrated enterprise framework applicable to any and all enterprises is then constructed step-by-step by addressing resources common to all enterprises regardless of, mission, domain, or technology. Structural resources are addressed first, followed by the value-adding functional resources. The purpose of the enterprise is then addressed by presenting the relationships between the strategies and goals and the structural and functional resources. The topic concludes by demonstrating the use and value of the framework in understanding and communicating the systems and architectures of the enterprise including the mapping of resources to capabilities. 

The level of construction of the framework is sufficient to identify the critical and key resources of the enterprise and provides a solid foundation for use and further development by the attendee. 

Why should you attend: An integrated enterprise framework is used to help communicate and understand the enterprise by identifying and classifying the various types of resources an enterprise has and the relationships between these resources. This in turn is used to resolve and eliminate various confusions and inconsistencies in designs, developments and operations throughout the entire life of the enterprise, the systems of the enterprise and all the associated architects and models. 

Communication and understanding leads to consistency and correctness throughout the lifecycle resulting in acceptability of goods and services, the ability to integrate activities utilizing the commonality and functionality between the various components and elements of the constantly changing models and systems and the people that establish, develop, use and maintain them. If you are an executive or a program/project manager, trying to get a better understanding of how a fully integrated and balanced business works, or you design or model enterprise systems, and other architectural elements of an enterprise, you should attend this webinar to increase your understanding of how an enterprise can work efficiently and effectively as an integrated system and what the relationships are between the critical and key resources. 

Through this webinar you will learn how the critical and key resources work together to provide, enable and assure the design, development, deployment, operation and sustainment of value-added capabilities with great outcomes that satisfy everyone. 

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