Continuous Integration Using Microsoft Tools Right Before Your Eyes

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Dec 11, 2014
Time 11:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Development teams worldwide are adopting "agile" methodologies to manage change and to improve software quality. These methodologies promote continuous integration as a practice to build and test software products incrementally as new features are included, bugs are fixed, and code is refactored with much reduced build and release cycles.
This adoption of Continuous Integration (CI) attempts to assure quality while expediting the entire SDLC cycle and reducing the time to market. CI thus plays a key role in implementing auto code compilation, auto unit testing and auto build deployment process. Since QA is also an integral part of the whole SDLC, it has become obvious that the regression testing should also become part of CI.
The Gallop Webinar exclusively explores CI using Microsoft Test Tools:
  • When should you invest in CI
  • Ideal mix of Functional & Regression Testing as part of CI
  • Overall CI infrastructure & Microsoft Test Tool Suite
  • Test Tools available for Continuous Integration
  • How to implement Functional & Regression Testing as part of CI


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