How and Why Business Models will change to face the new challenges in an IoT world

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Date Jun 3, 2015
Time 03:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Traditionally, the main focus of device manufacturers was to deliver a physical product with the respective functionality and to maintain this product throughout its life-cycle. But times have changed.

Connectivity becomes more important and creates completely new use cases. Instead of physically tying functionality to hardware devices, software becomes the main differentiator. In order to be successful in this market, device manufacturers are changing their business models and focusing on embedded software as key to customer satisfaction and sustainability. To do so successfully, every device manufacturer needs to know exactly what their customers are entitled to and what they are really using. This includes the ability to communicate with customers and update functionality remotely.
Device Manufacturers also need to adapt quickly to different monetization, licensing and pricing models as customer expectations mature. This Webinar gives an overview on changing business models, along with details and examples what is expected from Intelligent Device Manufacturers and where companies are especially successful in the IoT world.


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