Featured Webinar: Scale, Improve & Save Time with the Scheduler Dispatcher Framework

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Aug 18, 2015
Time 09:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
Are you a developer who is tired of scalability issues, the exhaustive nature of code and governor limit? Well then, this is for you!
Say goodbye to everyday developer challenges with the Scheduler Dispatcher Framework—an effective pattern to use Apex Schedulers and Batch Apex in Force.com platform, which comes with the benefits of being highly scalable and easy to maintain and improve.
Our webinar on Scheduler Dispatcher Framework discusses how this new pattern works and can be implemented. We will also delve into how you can bring many pieces of logic into this framework to take advantage of the higher governor limits of schedulers and batch apex.
Come, be a part of our webinar, and get ready to scale, improve and save time with Scheduler Dispatcher Framework.
1)      Too much code in trigger – First sign of scalability issue
2)      Governor Limits exhausted – Second sign of scalability issue
3)      Refactor code is so difficult – Final sign of scalability issue
4)      Introduce Scheduler Dispatcher Framework
5)      Advantages of Apex Schedulers & Batch Apex
6)      Implementation
7)      Demo


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