Using your Knowledge Management System effectively

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Date Feb 24, 2016
Time 05:30 PM EDT
Cost Free
About this webinar

How do you manage your Knowledge Management System? Are your employees struggling with the deluge of knowledge?

The core purpose of a KMS is to enable you to easily manage your internal knowledge and make the information in it accessible to all your employees as and when they need it. But how many of your employees actually access and use this information? How effective is it in providing them the right information at the right time? KMS is used to store abundant amounts of information and without a proper structure to your information, it is going to be a chaos which no one would want to look at.
Creating and maintaining information in a clear and easy-to-retrieve manner is a top priority to ensure better usage of your KMS.  Without which your employees will still look at other sources to get information relevant to them rather than look for it in your KMS. This will only make your investment in the KMS pointless.

What you'll learn
You will learn practical ideas and strategies for: 
  • identifying who knows what and where key information exists today
  • capturing critical knowledge
  • structuring, deploying, and managing that knowledge to ensure ongoing control.
  • assessing the risk of lost knowledge


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