Align your Mobile Strategy with Business Goals – In 2016 Deliver Mobile Apps in Months, Not Years – Webinar

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Date Feb 17, 2016
Time 02:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Technology inflection points can make or break companies and entire industries.  Recent examples like movie rentals and ride sharing are evidence of how quickly technology-driven change happens. Customer, employee and partner demand for a fresh, interactive and performant digital engagement is now at an all time high.
Companies that can’t innovate and deliver new applications quickly are losing opportunities and access to talent.  Traditional methods of creating and managing applications will no longer suffice.

Gartner has recommended “Bimodal IT” to enable companies to keep pace with this rapid evolution while still capitalizing on the core system investments
“Bimodal IT provides an approach to addressing the growing technology needs of enterprise stakeholders by acknowledging that there are two valid but different modes for responding to enterprise technology solutions and achieving business outcomes: Mode 1 and Mode 2”. – Gartner

Enter Rapid Application Development (RAD) as a perfect compliment to the Bimodal IT strategy.  RAD enables companies to deliver applications 6x to 10x faster than traditional methods.
Attend this webinar and you will learn:
  • How Bimodal IT can help you achieve business objectives
  • Why RAD platforms are critical to innovation and digitizing customer experiences
  • Real-world success with RAD and Bimodal IT


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