Custom Funnels - a Google Analytics 360 feature. Are they useful?

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Date Jan 18, 2017
Time 05:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
Analyzing user behavior and their journey is absolutely crucial; you probably already know that. 
If you want to understand your customers’ actual behaviors and remarket to the right audience, Custom Funnels – a Google Analytics 360 feature – are the solution. But are they really useful?

Find out in our webinar “Know where customers fail to convert – Measure your wins using Custom Funnels”.

In just 45 minutes, through this webcast, you’ll gain insight on how to find out:
 - Why and Where users fail to convert?
 - Can historical data be analyzed using funnels?
 - How to analyze custom funnels to discover several remarketing audience segments?

Join us on 18th January, 2017, Wednesday at 4 PM IST.

Only 20% of the marketers understand their customers, make sure you’re in that segment!

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We'll cover 5 Use Cases of Custom Funnels to help you understand them. Don't miss out!

We look forward to addressing all questions or pain points you may have. 


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