Data Security in the Age of the IoT: Threats and Opportunities

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Feb 1, 2017
Time 12:30 PM EDT
Cost Free
As the Internet of Things continues to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, it brings with it the threat of a new set of remote attacks with potentially far reaching ramifications. Contrary to computers and mobile phones – in which attacks were focused on digital assets and devices and the risk was about stealing data – the IoT includes the additional risk of high-impact attacks on our physical world. IoT security has to be designed from the ground up, for example secured chipset production that enables a trust chain all the way from the chipset to the IoT application. Smart IoT security that starts at the chipset level results in an end to end security with zero friction to IoT users.

This webinar will focus on the various types of IoT-related security threats, the challenges for creating IoT security solutions, and solutions – as well as opportunities – for the IoT ecosystem.


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