Microsoft Office Productivity Hacks

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Feb 22, 2017
Time 04:30 AM EDT
Cost $99.00
Timesaving (and jaw-dropping) Microsoft productivity tips
  • Discover 1-click methods that will repeatedly save you hours of time
  • Generate high-quality, error-free deliverables in less time
  • Eliminate bad habits and unessential work so you can focus on what matters most
About the course
  • Are you overwhelmed by the work on your plate that can’t be delegated to anyone else?
  • Do you come to work early and stay late to meet deadlines because it takes too long to get things done in Excel, Word or PowerPoint, but you don’t have the time to learn the shortcuts and new features?
  • Or have you ever thought to yourself, “There’s got to be an easier way?”
More often than not, you are right! There is an easier and FASTER way.
In this highly engaging session based on Vickie’s bestselling “100 Tips” series, discover quick and easy productivity hacks in Word, Excel, PowerPoint (and more) that will help you deliver better results faster by using more of the technology you know and love: Microsoft Office so that you can:
  • Get more done in your day
  • Reduce late hours at the office, and
  • Execute flawlessly
No more wasting hours of time when working on an assignment. No more feeling paralyzed by the latest technology. You’ll have everything you need to leverage the tools you have at your fingertips so that you can get to volleyball practice on time, take that salsa class, or attend your child’s game.
This is for you if you use the Microsoft productivity platform to…
  • generate proposals, status reports, handbooks, itineraries, project/business plans, manuscripts, or any other Word document
  • manage budgets, finance data, sales data, transactions, contacts, inventory, and other lists in Excel
  • create, manage, or use slide decks and corporate branded templates in PowerPoint
  • generate any type of deliverable for your team, clients, partners or yourself
Key Takeaways
  • Automate and streamline your documents using Word Styles, Style Sets and Themes
  • Efficiently and effectively manage data and lists using the feature Vickie wants to marry: Excel Tables
  • Properly (and effortlessly) generate slide decks for your big pitch or next status meeting


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