Webinar - How AWS AI Services are creating new opportunities for enterprise solutions

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Apr 27, 2017
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost Free

The AWS AI services are capable of addressing different business challenges with the help of cloud-native machine learning and deep learning technologies. AWS AI services introduces text-to speech conversion, visual search and image recognition, automatic speech recognition, natural language understanding, and machine learning technologies within the reach of developers.
This webinar will discuss AWS AI services in detail, highlighting its use cases and the ways in it has benefited businesses. These services empower its users to develop conversational interfaces for their application with the use of text and voice; turn text into lifelike speech that can be stored; add image analysis to their applications; and build smart machine learning applications with ease. The attendees will get to know the real-world use cases of AWS AI services and also learn from the demos that will exhibit the feasibility of each AI service.

  • Speaker introduction & overview
  • Artificial Intelligence in general
  • AWS AI services
  • Use cases for all four AI services
  • Demo
  • Discussion & closure


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