Ensure Success for your Transportation IoT Project with Seamless Connectivity

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date May 11, 2017
Time 11:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
11th May 2017 | 15:00 BST

The adoption of IoT technology is disruptive and innovation is needed when connecting things that are constantly moving. But cellular networks are not always ubiquitous as coverage differs by location. Understanding how to create seamless connectivity for your business-critical moving assets is key for the success of your IoT deployment.

When implementing IoT you need better connectivity that can detect all available networks, seamlessly select and attach to the best carrier for any location. This capability significantly simplifies IoT deployments for moving assets initiatives.

During this webinar, speakers will address:
  • The rapidly evolving IoT landscape in transportation and moving assets
  • Customer use cases on how IoT is transforming asset tracking, the sharing economy, asset monitoring, fleet management, and charging stations
  • Top questions to ask when selecting the right IoT SIM and connectivity
  • How to future-proof your connected moving assets with eUICC/eSIMS to enable growth


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