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Date Aug 16, 2017
Time 11:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
B2B e-commerce is selling products or services between businesses through an online website with the objective to improve efficiency for organizations. B2B e-commerce continues to grow rapidly and in order to ride the growth, businesses need to understand their audience and strategize accordingly. Choosing the right platforms and technologies is essential, and so is maintaining strong relationships with partners and customers. The key points to be covered in the Webinar are:
  • B2B eCommerce, how it’s different from conventional B2C
  • Key Factors when choosing right B2B eCommerce Platform
  • Advantages of SaaS based B2B Platform
  • 7 B2B selling experiences that you can unlock with ShoppingCartElite
  • Key Factors when choosing right B2B eCommerce Platform
  • B2B Sales Cycle through ShoppingCartElite (Live Demonstration)
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