Bot platform - the right choice for building chatbots

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Date Nov 9, 2017
Time 10:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
People around the world have embraced bots and according to Mindshare, 63% are willing to communicate this way with various businesses and brands. Building intelligent bots has become necessary for enterprises as part of their marketing campaigns. Only a good bot platform will allow building bots which naturally interacts with users. A bot platform should be intuitive to use and allow for easy customization.

There has been a constant war between frameworks and platforms when it comes to building good bots, and enterprises are having hard time understanding the differences. In this two-hour meetup we will talk about the pros and cons of frameworks and why a bot platform is the need of the hour. We would also highlight the factors that need to be considered while moving forward with platform implementation including technology stack, deployment environment and more.

Meet us at the event and learn more about the benefits of implementing a bot platform – as a transformational change in your business. Our bot platform will enable you to build engaging bots.


Introduction to bots
Platform vs framework
Why bot platform
Bot platform
-  Features
-  Solution architecture
Bot Platform vs Custom built bots
Q & A

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