Delving into Excel Logical Functions: IF, AND, OR, and Beyond

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Date Nov 14, 2017
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $200.00
Many Excel users rely on the IF function to perform logical tests of formulas, but they're often unaware of other functions that can be used to improve the integrity of decision-making formulas. In this comprehensive presentation, Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, introduces the IF function and then goes beyond the basics. You'll learn what can go awry with IF as well as alternatives to the function. David's contention is that if you find yourself nesting more than a couple of IF functions, there's probably a simpler and more resilient approach you can take.
David demonstrates every technique at least twice: first, on a PowerPoint slide with numbered steps, and second, in Excel 2016. He draws your attention to any differences in Excel 2013, 2010, or 2007 during the presentation as well as in his detailed handouts. David also provides an Excel workbook that includes most of the examples he uses during the webcast.
Objectives of the Presentation
  • Improve the integrity of decision-making formulas in Excel spreadsheets
  • Learn alternatives to the IF function
  • Understand the pros, cons, and limitations of nesting IF functions
  • Recall how to avoid complex IF statements
  • Apply the COUNTIF function to determine the number of times an item appears on a list
  • Define when to use the IFERROR function or the IFNA function vs. the IFERROR function
Why Should you Attend
Learn about Excel logic formulas and functions.

Areas Covered
  • Using the COUNTIF function to determine the number of times an item appears on a list
  • Seeing the pros and cons of using the F9 key within Excel's formula bar to evaluate a portion of a formula
  • Moving through formulas in slow motion with the Evaluate Formula feature
  • Discovering the range of IF functions that can be used within IF statements to test for various conditions within a worksheet
  • Returning the inverse of a TRUE/FALSE test by way of Excel's NOT function
  • Testing for two or more alternate conditions by way of the OR function
  • Comparing two cells directly to return TRUE or FALSE if they're both exactly the same or not without using IF
  • Discovering the capabilities of the SUMPRODUCT function
  • Viewing the pros, cons, and limitations of nesting IF functions
  • Avoiding the complexity of nested IF statements with Excel's CHOOSE function
  • Transforming SUM, MIN, and MAX into multi-criteria array formulas
  • Testing for two or more conditions at once with Excel's AND function
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