Get Your Support Team’s Performance to the Top

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Dec 13, 2017
Time 06:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Do you work on a big and complex software project which needs extra care to be managed? Is your support team in trouble with getting through an endless list of issues every day? Then you should know what are queues and how to manage them properly!
Support teams spend most of their time working out of what is set up for them. That’s why it is key that you find smart and effective ways to manage queues. We'll talk through this topic at the free web clinic we're hosting next Wednesday, December 13, at 15:00 CET (14:00 WET, 6:00 AM PST).
During the clinic, in under 30 minutes you will:
  • become aware of common problems with queues that Jira Service Desk users encounter;
  • know how the thing works in general, what the limitations of default Jira queues are and how we made them richer in features and friendlier to users;
  • go through every aspect of queue management in Jira, provided with a detailed demonstration of all the solution's capabilities;
  • have some time for a short Q&A session on the topic.
Be you a customer support specialist, seeking for workflow improvement, or a Department Head willing to boost the team's performance, this clinic is a must see for you!
You may prepare questions in advance and ask them in reply to our emails or dropping them to our Twitter. You'll get qualified answers from our team both during the clinic and inside the follow-up email. If you're busy and cannot make it, it's worth registering anyway - you'll receive a link to the recording and the full Q&A list!


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