Webinar: The Mahanagar Bank Story - Reducing the risk of data loss and managing email storage bloat

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Feb 1, 2018
Time 04:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
With rapid digitization of the banking and financial industries, a huge amount of transactional data in digital form is being generated, much of which is in the form of email messages that form part of the digital exchange of information to carry out such transactions.

Banks (BFSI), by regulation, are required to maintain email archives for ediscovery and compliance. One such example, is the regulation by SEBI, requiring Indian Banks to retain all important business documents for 5 years in company systems and thereafter archive it for another 3 years.

Mahanagar Co-Operative Bank (a large Indian co-operative bank) were up to their ears in email data. In order to remain compliant, they backed up their older email onto a new USB every week. Storing these countless USB drives in the local facility was putting the bank at a greater risk of data loss.

Join this webinar, to find out how Vaultastic helped Mahanagar Bank address their Storage management issues. Speakers from Mithi and AWS will also join this webinar to give you insights and information on using cloud storage to help your business stay compliant, allow easy retrieval of mail and increase productivity.

In this webinar, we’ll talk about:
  • Why backup is not the same as archival and understand the 3 key business uses of archiving email
  • The best practices, how to's and key criteria while choosing and deploying an email archiving solution for your organisation
  • How email archiving and ediscovery can help with business intelligence, supervision, improving quality of communication, and more
  • Mahanagar Co-Operative Bank’s story of moving their email storage to the cloud
  • Amazon speak on how cloud solves challenges of an in-premise infrastructure
  • Q and A Session


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