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Date Jan 29, 2014
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Boost ‘Write’ Speeds by 10x with Big Data-Driven HDAP Storage

Sound familiar? You want to increase security, but you can’t. You want to enable password policies, but you can’t. And your SiteMinder environment grinds to a halt every Monday morning when your users reset their passwords.

You’ve been putting up with unnecessary frustrations in your SiteMinder deployment for too long. You may think that in order to preserve user experience, speed, and performance, you have to sacrifice security and give up the option of enforcing password policies and session management. And with traditional directories, you’d be right. Though LDAP directories are great at reads, their performance drops rapidly when you introduce writes, leading to Denial-of-Service- like speeds for your end users.

In this webinar, discover how you can have both high-performance and security for web access management initiatives by unleashing ‘write’ speeds that are 10x faster than traditional LDAP.

Explore HDAP, the always on, always up-to-date storage innovation behind the

RadiantOne Federated Identity System, and learn how to:
  • Enable proper authentication routing across diverse sources for faster, more accurate logins.
  • Enable cross-application SSO without a global identifier.
  • Rationalize user collision with a federated identity hub.


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