Webinar : Reshaping the manufacturing ecosystem with machine learning

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Jun 28, 2018
Time 11:00 AM EDT
Cost Free

In the manufacturing industry, new products are proliferating at an unprecedented pace, while the delivery windows are tightening. Manufacturers thrive on finding new ways to enhance product quality while still being able to take on short lead-time production runs. They are also focusing on improving time-to-customer performance. However, unplanned equipment failure, increasing downtime, and demand variation directly affects organizations’ ability to meet customers’ demands and expectations.

Machine learning presents businesses with an opportunity to drive innovation and stay ahead of the curve while maintaining the quality of produced goods and satisfying customer needs. Machine learning facilitates fault detection during early stages and helps manufacturers to constantly improve the machine performance, enhance business processes, and optimize supply chain. This webinar is aimed at company influencers and decision-makers. It presents the capabilities of machine learning to transform the way the manufacturing industry works. Our subject matter experts will discuss how machine learning impacts various areas of operations of the manufacturing industry.

  • Machine learning 101
  • Importance of machine learning
  • Real world implementation of machine learning
  • Supervised and unsupervised machine learning implementations
  • Machine Learning opportunity in the manufacturing sector
  • Industry specific machine learning use cases


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