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Date Jul 17, 2018
Time 07:00 PM EDT
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About The Webinar
With the technology evolving & advancing at a pace so high, we’re often left behind and miss out on information that can be useful not only for yourpersonal, but also the professional growth. An Autonomous Car, or often known as a “Self-Driving Car” is a concept familiar to all. But the big question in most of our minds is, how will it really work?
And so, as usual, we’re here with all the information you need. In this webinar, you will learn more about Autonomous Cars, the technologies used, how Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence are the “Formula X” and the way forward. Sign up and be part of an exciting45 minute webinar followed by a Q&A session.

  • Talks about self-driving cars have started since ​the 1930’s
  • In 2015, a car successfully drove itself from san francisco ​to new york city
  • Google currently has ​more than 50 self-driving cars ​on the road
  • Most accidents involving driverless cars have ​been a human's fault
  • Preparing for different stages of an Interview - Before, During & After​
  • Self-driving cars - what are they?
  • Technologies used: machine learning & artificial intelligence
  • Deep-dive in the algorithms used​
  • Case studies / Research facts
  • Current update - what happens next, and when?
Girish Kumar Bellenavar
(Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Engineer)
Over 6 years of Industrial experience in various product development. Includes Avionics, Heavy machinery and automotive domain.

He was part of Mirage Aircraft upgradation program. Has developed various Avionics products like Cockpit display system, helmet mount display and tracking system, Electronics Flight bag, Unmanned Aerial vehicles for ISR platform. At present actively working on development and building of advanced solutions for ADAS and Autonomous vehicles including self driving cars with the using latest camera based technologies with the help of Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Has completed Self driving Car specialised certification along with Aerial Robotics from University of Pennsylvania.


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