Live Webinar: Eliminate Your Organizations IoT Security Blind Spot w/ PCM Security Solutions

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Sep 12, 2018
Time 04:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Employees are airdropping files from device to device in meetings, while taking conference calls on Bluetooth speaker phones. Through IoT devices, information is more accessible and the result is a more productive, more flexible workforce. We connect in the coffee shop as easily as the cubicle. But the infancy of the IoT Age has a fault; these devices are designed with connectivity first and security second. This means these devices are vulnerable. If the Mirai attack has taught us anything, it is that IoT devices can and will be leveraged for botnets, DDoS attacks, and cyber threats. A significant number of IoT devices exploited by Mirai were in businesses that had no idea their devices had been compromised. Productivity vs Protection: can there be both? During this webinar, you will learn: • What IoT Security is and the potential impact on businesses. • Where the IoT threat is? • To determine IoT Security Requirements.


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