Webinar on "A Roadmap for Successfully Adopting Model-Based Enterprise"

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Feb 26, 2014
Time 02:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Please join our  webinar to understand the key trends and insights on the rapidly growing Model Based Enterprise best practice and what it takes to build a fully integrated and collaborative Model Based environment across the product development lifecycle including the extended supply chain.

In these modern times, where global collaboration is the norm, a growing number of large organizations are utilizing 3D Model Based Definition (3D MBD) to communicate detailed product definition with their manufacturing and suppliers, to accelerate product development and reduce rework cost. 3D MBD, which forms the basis of Model Based Enterprise (MBE) best practice is proving to dramatically cut both the non-recurring engineering and manufacturing costs as well as the lead time needed to produce products. Industry trends indicate that 3D MBE documents are  becoming a preferred form of communicating engineering and manufacturing information with downstream departments, thereby, replacing traditional 2D drawing based documents and eliminating the overheads associated with its creation and maintenance. Whilst there are compelling benefits to adopting an MBE best practice, it is important to understand the roadmap to a successful adoption of MBE.  


Guest Speaker, Chad Jackson, Principal Analyst at Lifecycle Insights, will outline his view on Model-Based Enterprise adoption and key findings from “2013 3D Collaboration and Interoperability study”.

Ashish Deshmukh, Director at Geometric Ltd, will share his insights on an effective roadmap, with incremental steps to move towards a fully collaborative Model-based Enterprise

Chris Garcia, Executive VP at Anark Corporation, will discuss and demonstrate how leading companies have improved productivity and reduced costs with MBEWeb, the industry’s leading solution for delivering an enterprise wide cost-effective 3D MBE solution through free to view and free to deploy 3D PDF & 3D HTML documents.


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